Top 5 Most Useless Features on Your Running Stroller

By June 1, 2015 Articles
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In our house, we think the running stroller is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It makes it possible for us to get out of the house, taking a spin in it calms the baby when she’s fussy, and it lets us get our sweat on without needing a babysitter. It even holds my water bottle and keys! If I could meet Mr. B.O.B. I would give him a big old hug.


There is some junk on these running strollers that is completely useless and we would like to flush down the ever-loving toilet. Whose ideas were these?!?

Tether strap – This is a longish strap attached to the stroller, that you can loop around your wrist while you’re running. The idea is that, if you should lose your grip, your stroller won’t get too far from you (and potentially roll down a hill, or out into traffic). This feature is hotly debated among runner mommies, because we all want our babies to be safe – and this thing does more harm than good. If yours has ever fallen on the ground and you’ve stepped on it while running, engaging the stroller’s brakes unexpectedly, you’ll understand this point of view.

Speakers – Some manufacturers have added speakers to their strollers, that you can attach to your phone or iPod to. Crackly, tinny, terrible-sounding speakers. Oh, this is not for your amusement, it is to keep your kid entertained. Are you kidding us? First of all, if you’re anything like me, you are trying to get your little one to s-l-e-e-p during your stroll. Second, this is one of those precious times when, due to the miraculous invention of earbuds, we parents get to listen to explicit lyrics if we wanna. I am sooo not gonna trade in my running music for some Dora album. Third, sometimes we listen to nerdy podcasts while we run! Do we really need to let every passerby know how much we love Judge John Hodgman?

Loud Velcro – Yes, we want the window flap to stay down. But did they have to use 98 inches of the loudest velcro in the world?!? When my little one falls asleep on a run, of course I want to peek and see this uncommon miracle. I do NOT want to ruin it when I open the flap with a loud CRRCCCCHHHH! and wake her up.

Stroller loops on the diaper bag strap – Because we’re going to spend time fishing around in the bag to find the special little buckles so it can loop each side individually around the handlebars, when we could just throw the strap over the handlebar and be done?

Tiny canopy that doesn’t do a good job of blocking the sun* – Nothing annoys my kid faster than having bright sun in her eyes. If our route is an out-and-back with the sun in our faces when we turn around, and that canopy doesn’t do its job, she is going to let me hear it all the way home.

*If your stroller has this feature, take it back. Demand a running stroller designed by someone who’s heard of the sun and how it works.


What do you love or hate about your stroller? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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