Jogging Stroller Review: BOB vs. Baby Trend vs. Schwinn

By June 8, 2015 Gear Reviews & Giveaways
jogging stroller review BOB Revolution

Looking to pick out that most exciting piece of gear, the running stroller? We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 3 best-selling running strollers on the market, to give you a running stroller review and a rundown of the most important features you’ll need.


Top 3 Best-Selling Running Strollers


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Locking Front Swivel Wheel: Yes
Wheel Size: 12″ and 16″
Compatible with car seat: only Baby Trend Infant Car Seat
Baby’s snack tray: Included
Parent tray: Included
Tether strap: Included
Reflective elements: Reflectors on corners of footrest
Stroller Weight: 21.8 pounds
Max weight limit: 50 lbs.
(see full list of specs)

The Expedition is compatible only with Baby Trend infant seats, so if you’ve already got one – or are registered for one – this is your stroller!  Parents say it handles like a dream and stands up to hard use like a more expensive stroller. The lower handlebar height (41 inches off the ground, compared to the usual 46) could make this the best choice for a parent who’s on the shorter side. The most affordable stroller on our list by far, you could buy the stroller and matching car seat and still spend less than one of the other strollers.


Schwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller

Locking Front Swivel Wheel: Yes
Wheel Size: 12″ and 16″
Compatible with car seat: Very compatible! Fits most infant seats.
Baby’s snack tray: Included
Parent tray: Included
Tether strap: No
Reflectivity: Reflectors on corners of footrest
Stroller Weight: 24.5 pounds
Max weight limit: 50 lbs
(see full list of specs)

The Turismo is the most flexible and well-rounded stroller on our list. It’s compatible with the most car seats, and boasts an adjustable handlebar which may be a big bonus if one of you is taller. Parents love that the removable fleece seat pad is machine washable, good for removing those ground-in goldfish crackers. However, the stroller’s brakes are on individual wheels, so you have to engage both, and it can be hard to tell if they’re engaged. This one also comes with built-in MP3 speakers in the canopy, which you might love, but we wonder whether they’re are one of those useless stroller features manufacturers try to sway you with. Overall, a great choice if you want your running stroller to be the only stroller you buy.


BOB Revolution SE

Locking Front Swivel Wheel: Yes
Wheel Size: 12″ and 16″
Compatible with car seat: Car seat adapters are sold separately, for BRITAX/BOB, Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego infant seats.
Baby’s snack tray: Sold separately
Parent tray: Sold separately
Tether strap: Included
Reflective elements: Reflective fabric strips on canopy
Stroller Weight: 25 lbs
Max weight limit: 70 lbs
(see full list of specs)

The granddaddy of running strollers, the BOB name has been synonymous with serious running strollers since before other brands started copying the heck out of them. They’re popular for good reason, as they’re well-designed and well-built. A higher maximum weight limit means that you will be able to use it for longer into your baby’s childhood. The BOB Revolution is a solid investment if you’re looking for a stroller that will last your family for years (and hold its value if you decide to resell).

TIP: Keep in mind that the BOB’s accessories are sold separately, so you’ll want to check them out too:
Child’s snack tray – $24.00
Parent’s handlebar console – $15.98
Weather shield – $48.19


What to look for in a running stroller

Large wheels, with air-filled tires – The bigger the wheel, the smoother the ride. And you need air-filled tires to further cushion any bumps in the road. You want your little one to enjoy a ride that’s smooth like a bicycle, not harsh like a shopping cart going over rough road.
Locking front swivel wheel – You’ll want a swiveling front wheel, that can be locked in a straight position. Swiveling makes the stroller easily maneuverable, able to turn on a dime on all three wheels. When locked, you’ll have to push down on the handlebar to lift the front wheel in order to turn, but the stroller will track straight and true for higher speeds (you speed demon you).
Parking brake – Running strollers are designed to roll easily. So when you’re stopped, you need a brake to make the stroller stay put. It should be easy to engage and disengage, because you’ll use it often!
5-point safety harness – Yes, every piece of baby gear under the sun these days has a five-point safety harness. A running stroller is actually one piece of gear that needs it.
Reflective elements – It’s always a positive when cars can see you crossing the road. Wear light-colored clothing, stay aware of your surroundings, and get a stroller with some reflectivity.
Umm, cost – Hello? Do these manufacturers think we have nothing else to spend our hard-earned baby money on? If you have sticker shock from the idea of spending $500 on a stroller, check out our picks for more affordable suggestions.


Runner Mama’s Conclusions:

Any of the Top 3 Best-Selling strollers above is a solid choice. All three have the most important features you should look for when buying, so choosing among them is a matter of your own budget and personal preference. You might love the Baby Trend for its affordable value and more compact height. For a little more money, the Schwinn Turismo is strong on nice-to-have features like a washable seat pad and an adjustable handle. And the BOB is a great choice if you want to invest in a stroller your family can use for years.

Which stroller did you choose? Let us know in the comments!


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    I would love to see a review on a double jogging stroller. 🙂