The $33 Item That Lets You SKIP THE GYM!

By July 21, 2015 Gear Reviews & Giveaways
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“Hey, girl. Want tickets to the gun show?”

Oh, lord. Please let me skip the gym. I don’t know about you, but I hate the experience. It’s not just the dudebros grunting loudly for attention and then dropping the weights just to hear them crash down. Not just the crowded locker room, swapping sweat with strangers on every surface you touch, and feeling self-conscious about what you’re wearing while you work out. It’s also infuriating to wait for a machine because some weirdo has been on it for 45 minutes. Or, god forbid, running into your ex?! And for all this we pay expensive membership fees?

Ugh, no thank you to all of the above.

(Not to mention my current favorite reason the gym’s out of the question: I would have to arrange childcare for Miss Babycakes.)

But, we runners need strength training! What’s a mama to do?


Enter resistance bands.

$33 of freedom from dudebros.
I love these things.

When Baby J was a few months old, I ordered this set from Amazon and tried them out. The verdict: they have been a godsend. They’re easy to use and easy to store. I keep them in a basket in the living room, and when Baby J is having naptime, I can just take them out, and get my flex on. No dudebros necessary.

Here’s why I like the bands better than other types of resistance training you can do at home:
– They’re inexpensive. Pfft! SO CHEAP.
– They’re quiet. No clanking weights or squeaking, whooshing machines.
– They’re versatile. You can work your arms, chest, shoulders, back, glutes, hips, legs, you name it. You can work way more areas with bands than any set of hand weights.
– They’re light, small and easy to store. (Easily portable if we’re traveling)
– They’re easy to learn. The set I got has an anchor that you can just shut in a door, a cuff you can velcro around your ankle, and hand grips you can hold. It even came with a little booklet that shows you how to do different exercises.

If only everything were so quick, quiet, convenient and free from dudebros.
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