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Stuff Moms Say: Toddler Edition

By On December 6, 2015

Becoming a parent will teach you new phrases.  (No, I don’t mean the colorful kind, full of four-letter words–although I have been known to throw those around too.) And yet, 100% of… Read More

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8 Rules for Running in the Rain

By On November 12, 2015

Running in the rain is one of those messy, wonderful adventures that only the brave souls who dive into it will ever quite appreciate. If you’ve never felt that satisfaction that comes… Read More

Reflective Running Gear 2015
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Must-Have Reflective Running Gear

By On October 20, 2015

Dear readers, As the daylight hours continue to shorten and more of us are out running at dawn or at dusk, I want each and every one of you to BE SAFE.… Read More

Recovery Sandals
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Recovery Sandals: Treat Your Feet

By On October 8, 2015

These feet of ours. They take us so far! Like a lot of people, runners and walkers rely on our tootsies to take us there. You’ll take an average of 55,000 steps… Read More

Saucony Nomad Jacket

Perfect Running Jackets for Fall

By On September 27, 2015

Runner Mama lives and runs in the Pacific Northwest, so she understands the predicament of running in the Fall: The weather feels great! Until it doesn’t. When it turns cold, blustery and… Read More

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The Best No-Effort Baby Costumes for Halloween 2015

By On September 18, 2015

Hey, Mama! Put down the Martha Stewart and STEP AWAY FROM THE PINTEREST. Take my hand. Follow me, and sing a happy little song while we skip to the front of the… Read More


Top 10 Things I Learned While Running a 21-Miler

By On September 15, 2015

On Sunday, during training with Portland Fit, we ran 21 miles – our longest training run before the Portland Marathon. Most of it followed the marathon’s route, to give us a preview.… Read More

New Balance Premium Performance Tights

Fall 2015 Running Tights: Bold, Bright and Beautiful

By On September 10, 2015

Fall is here, the temps are dipping into that sweet crisp coolness that makes running feel amazing, and the leaves are ready to put on their flashy fall show. Before you step… Read More

Portland to Coast team

The 17 Kinds of People On Your Portland to Coast Team

By On August 25, 2015

So lucky to know these people. Are you running Hood to Coast this year? Or maybe, like me, your team does Portland To Coast, the walking portion of the race. (It’s a… Read More

How to Talk to a Runner

How to Talk to a Runner

By On August 11, 2015

It’s no secret that runners are a different breed. We eat weird food that comes in pouches, wear strange clothes, and sometimes even speak our own language. So how do you talk… Read More