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Spring Day Giveaway – Ended 4/7

By On March 24, 2016

Who’s ready for a warm breeze and a short sleeve? HeyRunnerMama’s got a fun Spring Day giveaway for YOU! Enter below to win ALL 5 of these sweet prizes. Hooray, it’s Spring!… Read More

shamrock run 2016

Adidas Shamrock Run – Race Review

By On March 18, 2016

The Adidas Shamrock Run is kind of a local institution. For one morning, they close down the streets of downtown Portland and, if you’re ready, you get to dive into a sea… Read More

running songs that rock cc photo by susanne kapler dist by armymwr on flickr

Running Songs that Rock

By On March 5, 2016

Want a playlist with running songs that rock? This one’s for you. We have a list you can rock out to while you run, with no dance club music. There’s not a… Read More

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Race Discount Codes! Save up to 50% OFF

By On February 24, 2016

You’ll often hear that running is a cheap sport. “All you need is a pair of shoes,” they say, and to some extent they’re right. But if you like to run in… Read More

heartbreaker half race review

Heart Breaker Half / 5K / 10K: Race Review

By On February 16, 2016

The Heart Breaker Half and Providence Heart-to-Start 5k/10k is a strong race, and its two strongest points are the lovely course, and the great people who run and walk it. I got… Read More

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Our Favorite Funny Running Sayings

By On February 9, 2016

Who’s up for some funny running sayings? We work too hard out there; it’s time to break it up with a giggle now and then. Each of these bite sized quotes is… Read More

race for warmth review tee

Race for Warmth 2016: Race Review

By On February 2, 2016

The 2016 Race for Warmth is one I have been looking forward to running. I ran the race in its first year, in 2015. Organized by Clark Public Utilities, I thought its… Read More

HeyRunnerMama energy bites

How to Fuel Your Run with Real Food

By On January 25, 2016

Stacking on the miles and not thrilled with gel packets? Try some real food for fueling on the run. OK, so here’s the scoop. When you are building up your miles for… Read More

CC image by Tom Fahy on Flickr

7 Great Ways to Refresh Your Running Goals

By On December 30, 2015

Been there, done that, got the tech fabric T-shirt? If your running goals need a refresh, read on for great ideas to get pumped about reaching a new goal!   1. Plan… Read More

Gifts for Runners 2015

Great Gifts for Runners

By On December 14, 2015

Need a gift for your favorite runner or walker? Don’t sweat it — we have great ideas for runner gifts that she will love! 1. Gone For A Run Runner’s Tiara Race… Read More